Questions and Answers

What is Dot GA?

Dot GA is the new top level domain for Georgia. It is modern, open and free. With a clear Georgia's online identity, .GA is the perfect choice for all businesses and internet users in the state of Georgia. There are no restrictions on registration and all domains are offered on a "first come, first serve" basis. Best of all: Dot GA is FREE!

Is it really Free?

Yes! Dot GA domains are really Free. They work exactly like a .com or .us domain.

Will there be any ads on my website?

No. We will never show ads on your website.

Do I need to pay to renew my domain?

No. Renewals are Free, and you can renew an unlimited number of times.

An automatic reminder email is sent when the expiration date approaches. You can only renew a Free Domain in the last 14 days before expiration. A domain that is not renewed will expire. Expired domains become available for registration again.

Can I trust the .GA? How secure is it?

.GA is supported by Freenom, the second largest domain company in the world. Freenom has over 10 years of domain experience and more than 30 million active domains under management. Freenom operates a global redundant anycast infrastructure, which guarantees the availability and performance of your .GA domain.

How can I use my .GA domain?

You can use your .GA domain like any other domain: we provide a redirection service (URL Forward), free DNS (where you can enter your A, CNAME, MX and other type of records) or you can use your own DNS (Name Servers).

What type of content is allowed on Free Domains?

Free Domains must comply with Dot GA's Content Policy, to prevent cyber squatting and abuse. Therefore, Free Domains without content or used for spam, fraud, and illegal content can be deleted. Illegal content includes adult, gambling, racism or drugs related sites.

Domain names can also be purchased for an annual price of US$ 9.95. Paid domains can be registered for a longer period of one year, can be transferred to other registrants and are licensed to its buyer. The Dot GA Content Policy does not apply to Paid Domains. Free Domains can be upgraded to Paid Domains in the Domain section of My Dot GA.

How do you make money with Free Domains?

After a Dree Domain expires, it sometimes still receives web visitors. Those visitors usually see an error message saying "this domain does not exist". Instead of this, Freenom redirects the visitor to an advertising page, generating income.

This means that we only make money after a domain expires. Not all domains expire so the majority of Free Domains will never generate any revenue.

The domain I selected is not available for free, but is a "Special Domain". What does it mean?

Some high value names (or premium names) such as short names and common dictionary words are "Special Domains" and cannot be registered for free. They can only be purchased.

What is the difference between a Free Domain and a Paid domain?

All domains that are not Special Domains can be registered as Free or Paid domains. Paid domains offer additional advantages, as shown in the overview below:

Free domains Paid domains
URL Forward, Free DNS, Custom DNS URL Forward, Free DNS, Custom DNS
Must comply with Content Policy No Content Policy
Must be renewed min. once per year Can be purchased for up to 10 years
Cannot be transferred Can be transferred for free
No WHOIS access Full WHOIS access

How can I become a Registrar or a Reseller?

In order to become a Reseller, you simply need to register and deposit a minimum of US$ 10 in your account. You get US$ 10 credit to spend on Paid and Special domains, so the reseller plan itself is free.

As a reseller, you get a discount on all Paid and Special Domains, and get access to the Dot GA API and Modules.

How can I get access to the API?

How can I get access to the API? API Documentation has more details.

We also provide a WHMCS Module, which is available to download in My Dot GA.

Do you also provide hosting?

No. We don't provide hosting at the moment.

What can I do if someone else is using the domain I want?

Domains are offered on a "first come, first serve" basis. So it is not possible to take a domain that is already registered by someone else. If you think a domain infringes on your trademark or is used for abusive purpose, you can Report Abuse.

Can I make my name appear in the WHOIS of a Free Domain?

No. All Free Domains remain the property of the Dot GA Registry and the Registry's name appears in the WHOIS of Free Domains. If you want your name to appear in the WHOIS, you need to upgrade to a Paid domain in My Dot GA.

How can I transfer a domain to someone else?

Free Domains cannot be transferred and need to be upgraded to Paid domains before a transfer is possible. Paid domains can be transferred for free.

Who is behind Dot GA?

Dot GA is a partnership between Freenom, the world's second largest domain name provider, and ANINF of Gabon. Please refer to the What is Dot GA section for more information.

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